In today’s highly competitive global plastics market, manufacturers need every edge they can get to maximize productivity and efficiencies. Process & Design Technologies draws on sophisticated and proven technologies from various markets and applies them in unique and innovative ways to help manufacturer’s gain a competitive edge. Regardless of region, you can count on us to deliver Global Plastics Solutions Through Innovation.

Evaluation Process… From start to finish

It starts with asking the right questions and gaining a full understanding of where you are today, and where you want to be in the future. Using proven methods to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement, we complete an in-depth review of problematic areas. Then, we formulate the right solution that will bring you the tangible results you need.

Advantages in “real world” working terms

With years of “in-field” experience to draw from, we ensure that our
solutions are based in real world processing environments. Practical
and realistic to implement, our scope of experience covers all aspects
of the molding process from engineering through production.

Process & Design Technologies ensures that combined and proven
technologies from various markets are correctly applied in unique and
innovative ways helping manufacturers yield that elusive competitive edge.